Volkel Air Base Blockade 2023

Welcome to the Blockade of Volkel Airbase 2023

On Monday August 7th, starting at noon, when all over the Netherlands the sirens of the monthly air raid drill howl, we will block two gates of the air base. We hope to block the gates one minute for every year since 1945. So we block the base for 78 minutes to express our hope that the base will be closed forever and life on this planet can flourish without nuclear weapons and military pollution.

We hope more people will come to help close the gates!

There will be an action-bus leaving from
8:30 Amsterdam Sloterdijk in the morning and travel via
10:00 Den Bosch Central Station to
11:00 Volkel AFB
and back, hopefully when all blockaders are released. We kindly ask you to sign up for the bus through this form.

Join the signal for more info: https://ap.lc/QggP7

Code of nonviolence:

– We behave kindly in word and deed toward police, military, plane spotters and all other people.
– We will not run or make threatening movements.
– If we are stopped or summoned to leave the road, we will not resist arrest (but going limp & getting dragged away or walking along on the arm of one or more officers is fine).
–  We prefer everyone to say their name and welcome the legal consequences.
– Anyone who wants to be at an action must have participated in nonviolent action training and have one or two buddies.

Via the Signal group you will be informed when the online action briefing & training will be for those who come by bus.

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"The greatest challenge of the day is: how to bring about a revolution of the heart, a revolution which has to start with each one of us" - Dorothy Day

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