Peace Camp Volkel

Welcome at the Volkel Peace Camp 2023

Camp: The camp takes place from Friday afternoon August 4th to Thursday morning August 10th. We are welcome at a group accommodation near Volkel Air Base with two- & four-bed rooms. Should more space be needed, we will try to organize it at a neighboring campground. We count on everyone’s help with cooking, serving & dishwashing. There is swimming nearby and a campfire burning in the evening, so bring your swimming gear and guitar. We hope to have a few people willing to provide morning and evening prayers at the main gate of the base and/or at our campsite for those who love praying together for peace & the safeguarding of creation.

–    We vigil during rush hour at the base. For this and other actions we have rental bikes at our disposal. It is about a 10 minute bike ride on safe bike lanes to the main gate of the base.

–    Commemoration: On Sunday, August 6th, we commemorate the victims of the bomb on Hiroshima.

–    Blockade: On Monday, August 7th at 12pm we are organizing a blockade of the Volkel airbase, where US owned nuclear weapons are kept at hairtrigger alert.

–    Digging for life / Vrede Scheppen: On Wednesday, August 9th (Nagasaki Day) we dig one or more tunnels under the fence with our pink shovels with the intention of sitting on the runway to stop practicing for war & global destruction.

–   There will be nonviolence training so each one of us can feel for himself/herself whether he/she wants to join in blocking or tunneling or rather take a supporting role.

–    Of course there is also room for creative actions that arise spontaneously through our being together.

Costs: We will to cover the cost of accommodation, food, bike rental & shovels, so participants only have to contribute their travel expenses and drinks.

Sorry, our accomodations are already full of activists
and the peace camp is fully booked!



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"The greatest challenge of the day is: how to bring about a revolution of the heart, a revolution which has to start with each one of us" - Dorothy Day

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